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Photo of Lauren Taylor, middle-aged white woman, wearing a very bright pink dress and posing with her hand on her hip among architectural columns.

Claim your confidence! 

Lauren R. Taylor is a leader in the field of preventing, interrupting, and healing from gender-based violence. 

She’s a survivor who, for more than 45 years, been teaching skills for stopping harassment, abuse, and assault to those most often targeted: women, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people.

Bring Lauren to your conference or other event, your workplace or school, or any other gathering. Lauren's also available for consultations and coaching. 

Cover image of the book: "Get Empowered: A Practical Guide to Thrive, Heal, and Embrace Your Confidence in a Sexist World." It has a brightly colored cover, with bursts of dark pink and gold.
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